People is Complete Ignorance For Blaming Video Games Because they are not Good people anymore



Seriously National Rifle Association Seriously Fox News Seriously CNN Guest Seriously U.S. Senator Joe Manchin Seriously all Video Gaming Haters, you yOU GRRRRR YOU ARE COMPLETE FOOOOOOOOOOOLL AND STUPID BRAINWASHED, IT NOT VIDEO GAMES FAULT, VIDEO GAMES DOESN’T MAKE A REAL VIOLENCE, ouch my head ouch my head, this is this is worst Day ever, Blaming Video Games is not good idea so much, here’s ill telling you, first let talking at Sandy Hook Shooting, they shoot 20 children and 6 teachers, many People are Tears or Crying after Sandy Hook Shooting, and now they Blaming Video Games by National Rifle Association, i really don’t Understand why they Blaming Video Games

will AlphaOmegaSin Response to Mass Effect & Dynasty Warriors Blamed click here to watch Video,

in 04 January, 2013, Connecticut town is Trying Bringing all violent video games to “Burn” it, click here to read full

my Response to “Blaming Video Games by NRA”  i think i call them Ignorance Because Blame Video Games

These People are Ignorant

These People are Foolishness

and These People are IDIOTS

so that my opinion