Mobile Gaming is Become new Evil Comparison to Hitler


the rising new evil begin’s in future is Mobile Gaming because they going to killing Video Game Platforms that is most Disgusting ever because of Video Game Platforms is just a fun. that Mobile should no longer to be Video Game Platforms because of they are hurting all Gaming Industries many people says that Mobile Gaming have no buttons Which is sucks first let talking about the great games is now remake it will be available on IOS include Mega Man X when game releasing on IOS there’s something Mega Man Fans Really hate Mobile Gaming because Disgusting they don’t want The Mega Man Game on IOS Because they WANT the Mega Man games on Console because the Mega Man Games is one of the first Release on Console Gaming including Mega Man for NES i Believe Mega Man Games should be Console exclusives

another people really hating on game for being IOS is “the World Ends With You” people thought it could be “the World Ends With You 2”

and that i’m Finish writing about “Mobile Gaming is Become new Evil Comparison Hitler” so what do you Thoughts about Bad Mobile Games and rip off Games on Mobile Gaming. tell me?


One thought on “Mobile Gaming is Become new Evil Comparison to Hitler

  1. I feel like there are so many addictive app games now that people focus more on those since they can play them everywhere. But I still prefer console games no matter what.

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