so you want Nintendo should acquire “Rare”


on website they post on Mon, 21 Feb 2011 it says

Talking Point: Why Nintendo and Rare Should Reunite

hmm this is very interesting because many Nintendo fans remembering “Rareware” back in 90’s and now in 2002 microsoft acquire Rare and Rare made 2 games for original Xbox include Conker Live and Reloaded and Grabbed by the Ghoulies

i do know why people want Rare should go back to Nintendo let me telling you today

Rare made amazing games include Donkey Kong Country Conker’s Bad Fur Day Killer Instinct Perfect Dark GoldenEye 007 Banjo-Kazooie and Battletoads that it. all people love Rare back in 90’s

i love Kameo Elements of Power that is my Favorite game for Xbox 360

i want Rare should stay with Nintendo without Microsoft

Fans creating Petition “Nintendo please buy back Rare Ltd”

help these guys now. they want Nintendo should acquire Rare

P.S. please try another reed again link bellow