“Why Do People Hate EA?” here’s i well telling you


as long 2 years ago people really like EA in 2010 and may 10 2010 EA sports introduce new online pass which means sucks EA haters was rise in 2010 for EA want more money that is a greedy bastard call of duty haters to be battlefield fans and keep bashing call of duty games in future. no i don’t bash call of duty games because i’m not fanboy anymore i love Video Games and i love Console Gaming (i blame PC Gaming)

(10) Day 1 DLC

EA introduce new thing called Day 1 DLC it means you need to pay more purchase DLC in Mass Effect 3 only all platforms bioware well malking new ending for malking DLC for big price and TotalBiscuit want boycott to mass effect 3 for malking DLC and still pay more money again for $80 Dollars that is stop supporting Company for Angry people really hate it so damn much because game Roushed for Day 1 DLC. this is Beyond Ridiculousness

(9) EA Acquires Developer then Shutting Down

try to remember that EA announcement Westwood studios has been Shutting Down in 2003 Pandemic Studios has been Shutting Down in 2009 EA Bright Light has been Shutting Down in Jan 5 2012 and finally Bullfrog Productions has been Shutting Down in 2004 Unlike if EA Acquires Good Developer then Shutting Down becuase fans really raging at EA for Shutting Good Developer Down i probably think Bioware is going to Shutting Down in future Sheesh

(8) EA Origin Fail!


(7) EA Copying Sony games for Dante’s Inferno is Rip off of God of War games

seriously EA you wanna rip off to other games that stupid

(6) EA CEO John Riccitiello On Gaming Microtransactions


(5) EA Online Pass


(4) Moms Hate’s Dead Space 2

those guys they want many thosands moms to hate dead space 2 yep such stupid idea it well became to hate EA many moms are now reaction and she scared hate it disgusting bash it and danger “You wanna have fun killing somebody?” Indeed!

(3) Extra Credits: An Open Letter to EA Marketing


(2) Can a Computer Make You Cry?

according to chrishecker.com

Right now, no one knows. This is partly because many would consider the very idea frivolous. But it’s also because whoever successfully answers this question must first have answered several others


Why do we cry? Why do we laugh, or love, or smile? What are the touchstones of our emotions?

Until now, the people who asked such questions tended not to be the same people who ran software companies. Instead, they were writers, filmmakers, painters, musicians. They were, in the traditional sense, artists.

We’re about to change that tradition. The name of our company is Electronic Arts.

well are you cry like baby? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS7nqwGt4-I

(1) EA Worst Company in America 2012


see EA you fucked up everybody really hate EA!. Medal of honor is under rated Alice Madness Returns is bomb shitty Game and nothing like American Mcgee’s Alice and Battlefield 3 is shitty bugs with online pass EA beat Bank of America and won to Worst Company in America it was EA haters I Believe EA is Video game Publisher

my name is ULTRA-CHAOS ill see next time


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