A Lot of Many Fans Really Want Project X Zone to be Localization


hey what this? is this fans decide it to bring to Project X Zone  Localization?

well this is the fans really want this game it won’t coming to PS3 and XBOX 360 it only on Nintendo 3DS and it being Developer by Monolith Soft those guys who made greatest RPG and Open world Game ” XenoBlade Chronicles” they are Charge of Project X Zone

Monolith Soft was made Namco X Capcom for PS2 in 2005 it not coming to north America and Europe means it really sucks because it Japan only

in Facebook Group “Project X Zone Localization Community”

This is a page solely based on getting the recently announced 3DS game “Project X Zone” localized around the world.


We’re here to help bring over Project X Zone and to prove Japanese developed games can preform well in the United States! Here’s how you can help with the cause!

help these guys they want Project X Zone need Localization to north America and Europe hurry!



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